Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You can't judge me........

I am so sick of people saying this, when in all honesty we know that we can and will judge others based on whatever criterion we choose to… may it be looks, religion or personal belief.. we all use whatever we want to judge and evaluate people and situations. I for one will not deny this truth. I am quick to sum up someone and choose whether  or not it is a worth cause for me to invest in. I do this simply because I have a lot to offer the next person, and it is extremely time consuming to pour my affections and concern into a broken vessel. It works out for the receiver, but the delegator is left empty and without resources because they wasted it on someone not worthy… now these are some of the reasons I judge, but there are other viable reasons… You can judge to avoid trouble, heartache, danger, financial turmoil, and displeasing God. I believe that the reason our culture is broken the way it is, is due to our unwillingness and inability to judge what is going on around us. Our culture wants all the pleasures without any pain.. however in life everything is cause an effect.. so in order to progress you will often have to make hard choices and sacrifices to move forward. The new generations simply shy from pain, not realizing in many cases it is shaping them and preparing them for the future… Now the true Christian judges because they have a charge to do so. They are held accountable for all those they come in contact with to uphold God’s standard of truth. Whether or not a person wants to receive instruction… it is the responsibility of the true Christian to enlighten them. Once they have done this, they have done their share and the burden has been transferred. I want to clarify what I mean by true Christian as well.. I’m talking about people that believe God, believe his word about how we should live, and are not afraid to represent through lifestyle and ministry their beliefs.. All these studio preachers and homosexual loving mega churches are not included.. because you see the challenging thing about being in a position to judge is that you must first have your life in order so that you have validity to stand upon. If you instruct someone to do something.. they will immediately look at your example.. if your example is not up to par.. they will discredit you. Many so called Christians have messed up their example by living their lives in such a way that they are in no position to instruct others….. but the world takes this and spins in… let me clear that the Bible does not say you CAN’T judge… it states that you must first get yourself in the proper position to judge…. And THEN judge.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I don't know what the latest phenom with all this 'bullying' is but I truly believe it has gotten way out of control. I read articles on it and even see commercials geared towards bullying. What I want to share is that it is completely natural to encounter bullies both when you are a child and once you become an adult. However it is most important that you learn to advocate on your own behalf in some way. I believe that we are currently enabling bullies and sensationalizing it. The truth of the matter is that being bullied is not so bad.... the best part of it is once you grow up and turn your situation around.. its when you used to be fat and now you are skinny.. you used to wear big glasses now you have contacts.... you used to be the one he didn't know existed now he is chasing you down the street... However our kids can never learn the circle of life if we blow this portion out of proportion. If you are encountering a violent bully.. I advise you to show him who is boss.... for instance, I will give you an example. Embarrassment always seems to work. When I was in High school I encountered an upperclassman named Tia that was especially mean.. she was boisterous and rude, but no one would step up to her.... so one day I had the great idea to compose a poem and post it up on all the vending machines in our school. Our classmates read it and word traveled around school.. She was embarrassed and tried to make a comeback in the same way, but poetry was not her forte as it is mine. After that.. I didn't have any more run ins with her... So my suggestion to kids going through bullying is find a creative way to deal with it, but don't shy away or internalize it. We have all been through it, and we survived, you can too.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The "N" word

In this world I think it is vitally important to get a grasp of socially acceptable behavior as well as the fact that we are all made to be unique…. Each of us may not be able to achieve what the other can…. I may not be able to win an Olympic medal.. or have the intellect of a Nobel peace prize winner. It is what it is. There are some things I can do that you can’t and things you do that I won’t. It is what it is. Such is the use of the word N(ga) or N(er), this boils down to connotation, use, and user. Now… I continually hear the argument from non blacks. “Well they use the word why can’t we?” A few things from my top: First of all…. It’s a black thing. It has been argued to be a term of endearment between black people (hence why it causes utter outrage if used by someone else), Secondly if you happen to live in the same world I live in… you understand the connotation of this word.. you understand that if you are not black and using it, it can and will be perceived as offensive. In reality, we as black people know you use it.. we know in the privacy in your homes and among your friends, we know you laugh and mock blacks because we do the same thing too, lol.. however the issue is that you do not have the etiquette or discretion to know that you are not wise to use it.. in anyway… around people of color, period. Let me kindly tell you, if you have not been aware yet in life, that our lives are comprised of wise or unwise choices….. So tell me, why, if you understand the nature of the word, and are not black, would you push the envelope and potentially cause havoc.. simply because you want the option to use it without others being offended? Racial slurs have been around since the beginning of time, and their initial intent was to be offensive.. Perhaps it would be wise to just avoid using it if you understand these truths. Now to address folks of color on this issue: If someone uses this word against you, either in attempt to think they are your friend or to be offensive, I would respond accordingly. If they are a friend and are aloof, simply warn them that it would be in their interest not to get comfortable using it. If they are trying to offend you, say it back to them, keep your cool and don’t lose your composure. People will use what they can to push your buttons…. Don’t be such an open book.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Feelings less work

Nothing worse than a culture full of words but no actions. I am enraged at how this current generation is filled with powerful emotion in which they spill into cyber space, but lack the true courage to do anything. We watch evil creep into our country, watch the discord in our families and sit by idly as the foolishness devours us all. We leave the responsibility to just a few people that we deem strong... and wait for the pressure to crush them. I am so sick of our reactive approach to the world we live in, and wish others could share in the burden that leaders experience. Feelings do nothing nor do they improve conditions... Actions have the ability to change the conditions and bring on progress.. As i am inundated with social media and the countless empty words that fills it... I only long for another to walk this path with me. Thankful to God that he will not abandon me, even as those the closet to me leave me to navigate life's path alone. For the other leaders that feel the pressures that I am talking about.. I wish you well.. I pray that God keep you strong and sane, as our presence in this dying world is utterly necessary. Bless.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The American Judicial System

There is nothing more disgusting than a system that righteously knows someone is guilty, but through the purchase of a top of the line legal team, can be found innocent, and will not be required to serve any time for their crimes. In the past there have been obviously guilty people tried.... that escaped "justice".  It also works in the inverse. Their have also been innocent persons, that trusted in the system, because they knew they were innocent, that were unjustly found guilty for crimes they didn't commit. I for one am continually dismayed at the messages that such a system portrays to the masses. It is no hidden secret that money can buy pretty much anything in America, right or wrong, but I astutely warn America.. I warn you from your foolish approach that no one can judge or draw the line between right and wrong.. I warn you, that judgement will fall on this country swiftly if you continue on this dangerous path. Something is due those that commit crimes, if you refuse to judge them, they have not escaped, but face an even more harsh punishment from our Lord, my God. Also in saying that, if you have unjustly judged someone... they are owed the utmost restitution for the ultimate betrayal by a broken and greedy system........ 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Baby Mama's: how does it work for you?

So... its popular to attempt to trap a man with a baby, and I'm just wondering how exactly does it work for you, in seeing that, usually a child is not enough to secure the man... That he will either go on to have other children or marry someone else, that is childless. I'm wondering, exactly how many times do we have to see this model, to understand that it doesn't work..... How many times do we have to watch the children of broken homes grow up and become menaces to society because of their identity issues? Don't we see the deadly cycle? Can't we become proactive? Can't we begin to give our children the best possible start by being selective with whom we become intimate with and who we bare children by? Now In realty, I know there are some woman that get caught up with guys that are flip artists ( pretend to be something that they are not), but in most cases.. The women must take responsibility for who they have had children by. At least the majority of the men I have ever known were always forthright with what they did or didn't want.... I believe some women hear these truths and determine in their mind that they can change the man with time.... much to my dismay and countless others... this doesn't usually fare well. If you decide to stick it out with a man to decide if he will materialize into the man of your dreams... please don't bring any children into it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Is everybody Gay?

So.... I'm starting to feel like this 'gay' thing is a trendy epidemic.... Now that it is on the forefront of politics and ballots.. I have been noticing, in the community, a disturbing influx of gay folks...I'm thinking... no WAY all these people are gay......... and I'm not at all afraid to comment on it.... I have a few questions to pose to the gay community because I know you will find your way to this post... and attack it...
First of all, WHYYYYYYYYY is it so imperative that everyone accept you and recognize you? If your cause is legitimate.... you don't care who cosigns on it.....if it is truly the right thing to do. Secondly..... why the incredible push to adopt or manipulate fertility treatments so that you and your partner may enjoy children? Gays can not physically reproduce... so why not just be together.. and take it as it comes... you are having the best of both worlds.. in which you deviate your bodies... AND then syphon children from someone else.. or the use of technology... and Most importantly...... who will save your soul? The Bible clearly outlines the cost for this type of behavior.. even if you manage to have a decent life on earth..... you are willing to put your eternity on the line for sexual pleasure? IJS

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"In the name of"

I crossed a story about a young British Muslim man that randomly killed a young soldier in the name of Islam.. and I just had to pose the question.. What's up with violence in the name of your god? cause my God doesn't promote violence whatsoever.... hmmmmmmm..... it just boggles me. Now I know this is controversial because in our current culture.. noone dares speak out against the Muslims, but rather the Christian instead... Muslims can flood our country, observe their religious holidays and take their Koran around with them.. but whenever anyone mentions the one true God.. everyone gets all bent out of shape... Ironic or Demonic? You tell me! I'll tell you what i believe.... I believe that people do whatever is in their heart.. and then seek to justify it with their religion..  There are even people who try to misconstrue the Bible. and use it for evil.. but none of that is God. My God asks you to turn the other cheek, My God is sacrificial... and when he could have destroyed so many people along the course of his life here on earth, he demonstrated nothing but mercy. If you choose to have irresponsible behavior, you must own up to it.. and stop blaming other sources.. You look stupid and you are bringing a bad rep to your 'god'. SMH....