Sunday, July 14, 2013

The American Judicial System

There is nothing more disgusting than a system that righteously knows someone is guilty, but through the purchase of a top of the line legal team, can be found innocent, and will not be required to serve any time for their crimes. In the past there have been obviously guilty people tried.... that escaped "justice".  It also works in the inverse. Their have also been innocent persons, that trusted in the system, because they knew they were innocent, that were unjustly found guilty for crimes they didn't commit. I for one am continually dismayed at the messages that such a system portrays to the masses. It is no hidden secret that money can buy pretty much anything in America, right or wrong, but I astutely warn America.. I warn you from your foolish approach that no one can judge or draw the line between right and wrong.. I warn you, that judgement will fall on this country swiftly if you continue on this dangerous path. Something is due those that commit crimes, if you refuse to judge them, they have not escaped, but face an even more harsh punishment from our Lord, my God. Also in saying that, if you have unjustly judged someone... they are owed the utmost restitution for the ultimate betrayal by a broken and greedy system........ 

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