Monday, April 14, 2014

Is America Really The Best Country In The World?

After recently traveling to London, United Kingdom, I had to seriously ask myself this question. We are marketed so heavily in this country to believe in the American dream, and all things American, but honestly I was put to shame when I went to London. Their roads are better maintained, their public transportation immaculate, media and programming much more quality, their food is raised naturally and their constituents are visibly happier. As a mature young woman, I was instantly surrounded by people that cared about their community and at least appeared to have a basic regard for their neighbor. I thought about the stark difference portrayed in my very own country, in which all of us do our 'own' thing without consideration of the next person. We carry on as if tomorrow will just bring with it prosperity and success, deliberately doing questionable things and hoping for a favorable outcome. Its nonsense... but a foolish mentality that is rampant. The type of mentality that will destroy the future of this country and create an difficult environment for our children and grandchildren. For those of us that do care, we are attacked and called 'outdated' for our more traditional view, although it is this very same traditional view that had previously propelled our country into prosperity. Undoubtedly for someone to truly assess which country is actually the best... all countries would have to be surveyed... but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of life in England.. although the Americans are scrambling for scraps over here, and under the impression the rest of the world is doing the same...... smh.