Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You can't judge me........

I am so sick of people saying this, when in all honesty we know that we can and will judge others based on whatever criterion we choose to… may it be looks, religion or personal belief.. we all use whatever we want to judge and evaluate people and situations. I for one will not deny this truth. I am quick to sum up someone and choose whether  or not it is a worth cause for me to invest in. I do this simply because I have a lot to offer the next person, and it is extremely time consuming to pour my affections and concern into a broken vessel. It works out for the receiver, but the delegator is left empty and without resources because they wasted it on someone not worthy… now these are some of the reasons I judge, but there are other viable reasons… You can judge to avoid trouble, heartache, danger, financial turmoil, and displeasing God. I believe that the reason our culture is broken the way it is, is due to our unwillingness and inability to judge what is going on around us. Our culture wants all the pleasures without any pain.. however in life everything is cause an effect.. so in order to progress you will often have to make hard choices and sacrifices to move forward. The new generations simply shy from pain, not realizing in many cases it is shaping them and preparing them for the future… Now the true Christian judges because they have a charge to do so. They are held accountable for all those they come in contact with to uphold God’s standard of truth. Whether or not a person wants to receive instruction… it is the responsibility of the true Christian to enlighten them. Once they have done this, they have done their share and the burden has been transferred. I want to clarify what I mean by true Christian as well.. I’m talking about people that believe God, believe his word about how we should live, and are not afraid to represent through lifestyle and ministry their beliefs.. All these studio preachers and homosexual loving mega churches are not included.. because you see the challenging thing about being in a position to judge is that you must first have your life in order so that you have validity to stand upon. If you instruct someone to do something.. they will immediately look at your example.. if your example is not up to par.. they will discredit you. Many so called Christians have messed up their example by living their lives in such a way that they are in no position to instruct others….. but the world takes this and spins in… let me clear that the Bible does not say you CAN’T judge… it states that you must first get yourself in the proper position to judge…. And THEN judge.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I don't know what the latest phenom with all this 'bullying' is but I truly believe it has gotten way out of control. I read articles on it and even see commercials geared towards bullying. What I want to share is that it is completely natural to encounter bullies both when you are a child and once you become an adult. However it is most important that you learn to advocate on your own behalf in some way. I believe that we are currently enabling bullies and sensationalizing it. The truth of the matter is that being bullied is not so bad.... the best part of it is once you grow up and turn your situation around.. its when you used to be fat and now you are skinny.. you used to wear big glasses now you have contacts.... you used to be the one he didn't know existed now he is chasing you down the street... However our kids can never learn the circle of life if we blow this portion out of proportion. If you are encountering a violent bully.. I advise you to show him who is boss.... for instance, I will give you an example. Embarrassment always seems to work. When I was in High school I encountered an upperclassman named Tia that was especially mean.. she was boisterous and rude, but no one would step up to her.... so one day I had the great idea to compose a poem and post it up on all the vending machines in our school. Our classmates read it and word traveled around school.. She was embarrassed and tried to make a comeback in the same way, but poetry was not her forte as it is mine. After that.. I didn't have any more run ins with her... So my suggestion to kids going through bullying is find a creative way to deal with it, but don't shy away or internalize it. We have all been through it, and we survived, you can too.