Monday, June 10, 2013

Is everybody Gay?

So.... I'm starting to feel like this 'gay' thing is a trendy epidemic.... Now that it is on the forefront of politics and ballots.. I have been noticing, in the community, a disturbing influx of gay folks...I'm thinking... no WAY all these people are gay......... and I'm not at all afraid to comment on it.... I have a few questions to pose to the gay community because I know you will find your way to this post... and attack it...
First of all, WHYYYYYYYYY is it so imperative that everyone accept you and recognize you? If your cause is legitimate.... you don't care who cosigns on it.....if it is truly the right thing to do. Secondly..... why the incredible push to adopt or manipulate fertility treatments so that you and your partner may enjoy children? Gays can not physically reproduce... so why not just be together.. and take it as it comes... you are having the best of both worlds.. in which you deviate your bodies... AND then syphon children from someone else.. or the use of technology... and Most importantly...... who will save your soul? The Bible clearly outlines the cost for this type of behavior.. even if you manage to have a decent life on earth..... you are willing to put your eternity on the line for sexual pleasure? IJS

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"In the name of"

I crossed a story about a young British Muslim man that randomly killed a young soldier in the name of Islam.. and I just had to pose the question.. What's up with violence in the name of your god? cause my God doesn't promote violence whatsoever.... hmmmmmmm..... it just boggles me. Now I know this is controversial because in our current culture.. noone dares speak out against the Muslims, but rather the Christian instead... Muslims can flood our country, observe their religious holidays and take their Koran around with them.. but whenever anyone mentions the one true God.. everyone gets all bent out of shape... Ironic or Demonic? You tell me! I'll tell you what i believe.... I believe that people do whatever is in their heart.. and then seek to justify it with their religion..  There are even people who try to misconstrue the Bible. and use it for evil.. but none of that is God. My God asks you to turn the other cheek, My God is sacrificial... and when he could have destroyed so many people along the course of his life here on earth, he demonstrated nothing but mercy. If you choose to have irresponsible behavior, you must own up to it.. and stop blaming other sources.. You look stupid and you are bringing a bad rep to your 'god'. SMH....