Monday, July 15, 2013

Feelings less work

Nothing worse than a culture full of words but no actions. I am enraged at how this current generation is filled with powerful emotion in which they spill into cyber space, but lack the true courage to do anything. We watch evil creep into our country, watch the discord in our families and sit by idly as the foolishness devours us all. We leave the responsibility to just a few people that we deem strong... and wait for the pressure to crush them. I am so sick of our reactive approach to the world we live in, and wish others could share in the burden that leaders experience. Feelings do nothing nor do they improve conditions... Actions have the ability to change the conditions and bring on progress.. As i am inundated with social media and the countless empty words that fills it... I only long for another to walk this path with me. Thankful to God that he will not abandon me, even as those the closet to me leave me to navigate life's path alone. For the other leaders that feel the pressures that I am talking about.. I wish you well.. I pray that God keep you strong and sane, as our presence in this dying world is utterly necessary. Bless.

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