Wednesday, March 25, 2015

American's No Longer Deserve The "Right To Bear Arms"

There has been much adieu over the years about the constitutional right to have and own your own gun. I believe that the necessity of this right has been extinguished. I believe that the very accessibility to weapons is promoting the unsightly high rate of violence in this country. Most people lack common sense, they need leaders to help and guide them. They should never have access to weapons with their feeble little minds. Everyday there is gun death in America.. Everyday someone dies as a result. Our government knows it, but does nothing to deal with it. I'm not so disillusioned with my 'right' as I am with the detrimental affect it is having on the American public. The mental instability of a vast majority of American people, add in some intoxication (as many shootings take place at night clubs or late at night when people are likely to be intoxicated) plus the accessibility of guns is proving to be a deadly combination. I know that most people are so busy harping on their right to have and own one they cant see how dangerous it is making our society. I am vehemently against it.

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